Alabama Butterfly Atlas

Hundreds of Alabamians have come together to create this initial offering of the Alabama Butterfly Atlas. The following acknowledgements recognize their work to create a foundation for the continuing study of our state's butterflies.


2017 ABA Committee 

Committee members are volunteers who work to design, develop, fund, and oversee the ABA.

Data Collection

The ABA's flight charts, county maps, sightings bar graphs, and abundance calendars are derived from data submitted by volunteers.

ABA Photographers 

These talented photographers have contributed their work to make the ABA come alive!

  • Wayne Barger  
  • Sara Bright  
  • Geni Certain  
  • Vitaly Charny  
  • Diane Howell Coffee 
  • Emory Cunningham
  • David Dodd  
  • Jim Egbert  
  • MaryAnn Friedman  
  • W. Mike Howell 
  • Bart Jones  
  • Mary Jane Krotzer: Photo Editor 2016
  • Steve Krotzer  
  • Duane A. Miller  
  • Janice Neitzel  
  • Mike O’Brien   
  • Dave Patton  
  • Debbie Pezzillo
  • Lisa M. Reid
  • Patsy Russo
  • Holly Salvato
  • Lewis Scharpf
  • M. Thomas
  • Dolan Trout
  • W. Underwood
  • Betty Wetherbee
  • Boris Yampolsky

Financial Contributors

The ABA is funded soley through donations.  Each contribution and each contributor is important to the project.  Thank you for your generosity! Our financial contributors include:

  • more than 40 individuals across the state;
  • neighborhood garden clubs;
  • Alabama Master Gardeners county associations;
  • Legacy: Partners in Environmental Education;
  • The Solon and Martha Dixon Foundation.

Additional Thanks

In every large project, there are people whose contributions were invaluable.  We appreciate each of you!