Alabama Butterfly Atlas

The Teacher’s Guide helps instructors provide children with meaningful experiences about the butterflies of Alabama.

The Teacher's Guide is full of hands-on activity and discussion ideas for the classroom as well as valuable tips for outdoor learning situations.  Topics include:  butterfly and caterpillar body structures; diversity and adaptations; survival behaviors; creating an outdoor space for butterflies; common Alabama butterflies and their host plants; and rearing butterflies in the classroom. 

In 2014, a copy of Butterflies of Alabama: Glimpses into Their Lives by Sara Bright and Paulette Haywood Ogard, along with this Teacher’s Guide by Audrey Ann Wilson, was placed in each of Alabama’s 1090 public elementary schools-- a gift enabled by the generosity of the University of Alabama Press, the Alabama Department of Education, AMSTI, Wild South, and many individual donors.  Although originally designed for that specific purpose, Teacher’s Guide has broad application and will be useful in many learning situations. You are free to download it for education and conservation purposes.

Teacher's Guide
Audrey Ann Wilson
Teacher's Guide Cover Image